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Why we still have Hope

Why we still have Hope


Each day my  mind is bombarded

By bad news, sounds and scenes of violence

Poverty, Starvation, Famine, Genocide,

Drug Wars, Greed & Corruption

Until I feel as though I want to just melt away

Into a nondescript puddle.



And then suddenly my mind is transported

By a beautiful photograph of somewhere

Absolutely wondrous in nature

And as I drink in the splendour with my eyes

And my Soul breathes in deeply

I am rejuvenated.



I get introduced to some fantastic people

Who offer much from their own experiences

And I broaden my knowledge

As I have great discourses with them

And make some really good connections

From total strangers.



I read wonderful accounts of people

Who still understand what it is to be kind

And compassionate human beings

Quietly working in the background, unféted

Making a difference in so many lives

Even though they very little themselves.



  I read about battles others are fighting

With life-altering if not life-taking illnesses

And I see the compassion and loving hands

That hold and support them gently

As they traverse one of life’s difficult highways

byways and footpaths.



I am once again brought to the realisation

The reminder that with all things in life

There needs to be balance

And I am grateful that amongst my friends

I can find exactly what I need

Love, Light, Compassion and Hope!



This piece could also have been called “Why I love Facebook”, because that is

where I  meet up with most of you, but it sounded a bit trite 😉

© Michél 21/04/12


Loving Harmony

Loving Harmony

Loving you is not

The mythical joining

Of two halves;

Rather the aligning of

Two complete Souls,

Complementing, yet not

Eclipsing eachother.

A perfect symmetrical dance

Of two minds able to

Appreciate and blend

Without superiority or

Intellectual strife;

Seeking perfect harmony

And discovering it

Within eachother…

© Michél 23/04/85




Of times I disappear

Into my inner-self,

To meander through the

Twisted and turned corridors

Of my mind.



Looking for something I know

I may never find.

Yet those sojourns into

The dark crevices of

Thought and Perplexity

Are necessary

For my continued Sanity

In a world filled with

Hate, Murder, War and

Political Strife.

There too,

There’s no Peace

to be found,

But at least that confusion

Is mine alone …

© Michél 27/04/85



 The brain is a quagmire of thoughts

Information streaming in and out

Taking in too much and too little

Dissecting, Disseminating

Discarding  …


Wanting to talk

Yet not finding the words

The desire to speak in obscure languages

Words and phrases yet unknown

But not exotic …


A quietude that is eerily calm

An sentience strangely deja vu

Assurance in the uncertainty

Questing, Quantifying

Quaeritur  …

 © Michél 18/10/11