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September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Please join the Little Fighters Cancer Trust in raising AWARENESS surrounding Childhood Cancer, and, especially the Early Warning Signs.

What exactly IS Childhood Cancer Awareness about?

According to the South African Tumor Registry:

Childhood Cancer is responsible for more child deaths than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis COMBINED.

In South Africa, less than a THIRD of the actual childhood cancer cases are reported.

This is for various reasons, foremost, children are misdiagnosed due to medical staff not being aware of the early warning signs of childhood cancer. This is not LFCT’s point of view, but findings published by the South African Tumor Registry.

There is very little attention given to Childhood Cancer in the media, in government, in schools and, by unaffected parents and family members.

IF a child is diagnosed early, then the chance of successful treatment and survival is up to 50% higher than in late diagnosis. In essence therefore, with increased awareness, which will lead to earlier diagnosis, we can save lives. Many lives.

Please share this post and start your own, personal Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign. We all know children, have children and come in contact with children.

They are not able to speak for themselves. Be the voice, be the driving force, be their Hope.

September is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Is this enough? No. Make Childhood Cancer Awareness a daily priority in your life. No child is safe.


Little Fighters Cancer Trust

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust draws it's inspiration from children who have no choice but to battle Cancer daily and the trials and tribulations their families face.


    What is LFCT?

Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a  non-profit organisation started by two individuals who saw the need… We started this trust for cancer babies and their families to give relief to their financial difficulties. We are trying to raise money to help these families. Some of the parents lost their jobs and business because of the medical bills and because they want to give their children the best medical care. These people need petrol money, food, clothes and money for Hospital and Dr bills. From here the Trust has grown to support hundreds of Little Fighters and their families. The Trust volunteers it’s services to any child diagnosed with CANCER and have actively extended our resources to families nationally.

    What does LFCT do?

Some of what we aim to assist families with are the following: * Transporting Little Fighters and their families back and forth from hospitals. For many the traveling costs are crippling so we take care of this aspect for the families. * Offering assistance with paying the ever mounting medical expenses these families accrue. Every parent want the best medical care for their child under these circumstances, but medical care is hugely expensive and the majority of our Little Fighter’s families cannot afford medical insurances. * Donations of food, clothing, medical equipment and anything else to alleviate the financial burden of the families. * We organize special outings for Little Fighters and their families when they are able to travel so that they can have a semblance of normality and some fun and laughter. * We organize Prayer and Healing groups whenever one of the Little Fighters in our network has special need for such support or there is a sudden medical crisis.

   How you can Help

Donations are needed to fund the medical expenses, food, clothing, medications and other goods given to the little fighters and their families: Little Fighters Cancer Organization FNB Paarl Mall Account nr: 62277783249 Branch code: 250057 Swift code for international donations: FIRNZAJJ Trust Reg No: IT2817/2010 NPO NUMBER: 089 376


  Subscribe for a motivational/Inspirational message 

Delivered Mon-Fri. Cost R10 per week. Little Fighters Cancer Trust will be the beneficiaries for money earned via sms subscriptions. PLEASE SMS LFCANCER TO 31222. To unsubscribe you can sms STOP LFCANCER to 31222

Please inquire about the Corporate Membership Program as well!

Read more about all the fighters that LFCT helps

Little fighters’ stories

and those to whom tribute is paid.

Memorial Wall

No More!

This story was posted on the Little Fighters Cancer Trust FaceBook page, and I just HAD to share it. Being a survivor myself I know what the “Big C” can do, and can only imagine what it does to little bodies and minds, which is why I support LFCT with everything I have got!

Little Angel who got his Wings too early

A Little Angel who got his Wings too early


When I had to put a title to this note, it struck me. I can’t call it, “Musings of an Onco Mom”, or, “My Child has Cancer”, or even, “When my Child Had Cancer”.

Because I am unaffected. My children are healthy. Before coming involved with Little Fighters Cancer Trust, I did not know anyone with a child who has cancer. Heck, I never even thought children could get cancer!

I am an outsider. Probably just as 90% of people who might read this.

So yes, fellow outsider, I am writing this for YOU.

As I was standing at a two year old’s bed in hospital this morning and held a mother with as much love as I could muster, I though, if only I could get every single person to experience THIS. A little girl, bald and naked under her blankie except for a diaper, opening her eyes, and even in her morphine drugged state, realizes I am a stranger. The panic in her eyes as she looked at me and clung to her mommy’s hand with desperation, saying “no-no-no-no-no-no!”…because she thinks I am another doctor coming to prod and poke her with needles. She calms down a bit and then softly whispers, “ouch” to her mommy, holding out a bruised little hand, her mommy tenderly stroking the purple and black markings…then her bruised ankles. When she hears the medicine trolley come past the room, she again please, “no more-no more- no more” until reassured by her mommy with “no more”.

Terrified, petrified, anxious, scared, bewildered, fearful….what is the word for all of these combined, times 100? THAT was the look in her eyes. And this is what I want everyone to see…yet am working so hard at YOU, dear outsider, not having to ever see that look on your own child’s face. Because, believe you me, if  YOU, the unaffected, the outsider, the safe one, COULD see that, everyone would be aware of Childhood Cancer.

Yet, we are struggling to get South Africa AWARE.

What is wrong with a society which can turn a blind eye to the suffering of its own kind? And not only your own kind, but the youngsters, the children, the babies! Are we really so desensitized that we just don’t see anymore? That we don’t really care IF we see or not? Why is it, that a nation can stand up like one man when the national rugby team scores a try but they can’t stand up when their national child killer is busy destroying this nation’s future? People are so quick where there is a nice photo op to say that children are our future…WAKE UP! If the children all die, there IS no future!

So, what are we as the unaffected, the safe ones to do?

Well, I have a suggestion. To start with, open your eyes to the reality. Children get Cancer. Children are poked and prodded. They plead and beg and are scared, in pain…they suffer.

Once your eyes are open, make a commitment. Just get ONE more person AWARE.

I dream of the day that I can see this child again, when I can tell her “NO MORE”…no more Childhood Cancer. Sadly though, without YOU and me and every other outsider, this won’t happen any time soon. Become involved, let your heart love, show compassion, become passionate, become humane again.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust draws it's inspiration from children who have no choice but to battle Cancer daily and the trials and tribulations their families face.


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