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Symbiotic Living Centre

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a lady called Dawn Pilatowicz through an alternative economic system called The Talent Exchange. It came to pass a bit later that I got involved with Stroke advocacy and attended support groups who were always looking for something with which to help survivors cope, and I remembered that Dawn, who is wheelchair-bound had spoken about giving seated Tai Chi classes to disabled and wheelchair-bound individuals so I approached her to give a talk one Wednesday. Dawn, being Dawn, immediately agreed and she and a helper arrived on the day, gave a great talk and also a wonderful demo class which the survivors all thoroughly enjoyed…

Dawn (front) giving an 'aqua' tai chi class

I have had a huge amount of respect for Dawn since the first time I met her, and although we have not really spent much time together she has always been on the back of my mind because we once shared a conversation about starting a Wellness Centre, and I know that although my path has gone somewhat in a different direction, she is still trying to get the funding together to begin a Symbiotic Living Centre and I would dearly like to help her make that vision materialise.

Dawn is wheelchair-bound because she suffers from Polymyositis – a degenerative muscle disease for which there is no known cure. Her story can be read on her page Living with Polymyositis and I recommend that you read it so that you can realise what a beautiful human being this strong, spiritual woman really is with all that she is facing on a daily basis, and why I like and I have such respect for her.

Dawn’s dream is to open a Symbiotic Living Centre

I have had this dream of creating something that I want, a wheelchair friendly living and working centre with treatment rooms and a therapy pool. I have not been able to find it. Those who know me, understand my fierce desire to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible, even though I now walk with aids, and use a wheelchair and electric scooter.  I want to offer this to other independent souls.  This dream has been in my head for a few years now and I am finally manifesting it.  I realize that this dream needs some extra help and that is where you come in.”

Proposed Symbiotic Living Centre Courtyard

Imagine, being in a wheelchair (or not) and finding a retreat, in the city, where you can come and stay for an hour, a day, a week, a month or more.

You wheel or walk in through the main gate, in the centre of the outer wall of the building into a peaceful courtyard, with a fresh, raised-bed vegetable garden, a fire pit, seating and a sparkling fountain.  There are strategically placed handrails everywhere where you might need them, and no stairs to inhibit your wheelchair.

Behind you are a number of treatment rooms.  Therapists can rent one of these rooms, for a session, a day, a week, whatever suits you.  The rooms are set up in neutral tones, complete with treatment bed, chairs and a small table and bookcase.  All treatment rooms open onto the courtyard.

To the one side, you will find the heated therapy pool, with a ramped access into the pool. The entire pool room is glassed, to allow the sun to shine in.  Alongside the pool are the sauna, change rooms, and showers.  You can rent time in the pool for swim school, exercising or just enjoying the warm water.  You can even join a regular ‘aqua’ tai chi class.

Read more about this dream on Dawn’s  Symbiotic Living Centre page, and learn about this wonderful vision of a Centre that is so desperately needed by so many and could do so much good for so many… and find it in your heart to make a donation towards this cause.

This is a very worthy cause for anyone to donate to, especially those who are involved in care for the disabled, are disabled yourself, are a healer, a therapist, or just someone who has the money to donate to a really worthy cause.

Please read the  Symbiotic Living Centre page and you will see that there are various deals offered in exchange for the funds provided…


I hope that you do not mind that I have created this page, but it is the only way that I can think of that I can help you at this stage, and I really hope that it does help you to get the needed funding in so that you can start the Centre – I would love to see your vision materialised!

With Love



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